How does greenness define commercial real estate?


The corporate system has repercussions that affect nature on a large scale. The past few years have witnessed tremendous growth towards sustaining and protecting the environment. At Nucleus Office Parks, environmental sustainability is promoted by the leadership when it comes to energy and environmental design - especially for certifications. This is where the standards of LEED as a robust rating system comes in to help ensure and protect the value of green life in real estate. The rating of LEED is an initiative towards ensuring green value in real estate.

Green infrastructure initiatives are important for creating more sustainable and resilient cities. City governments are increasingly aware of the need to take action as the impact of a changing climate becomes ever more evident. The field of LEED in real estate includes measures that aim for increased environmental sustainability. Nucleus Office Parks has gained certification for its assets designed with an environment-friendly perspective. LEED is a green building rating system accepted worldwide. The system provides a specified framework for sustainable, efficient and healthy green estates. The 2014 UC Berkeley study states that a LEED-certified building enables a reduction in carbon emission and energy use in terms of 34% lower CO2 emissions, 25% less energy consumed, 11% less water consumed, 80 million tons of waste diverted from the landfills, 25% less energy on average used by LEED buildings in comparison with commercial buildings,1.3 million tons of coal equivalent saved each year and 78 million tons of avoided CO2 emissions.

The LEED guidelines provide the tenants with a standard and globally accepted framework that manages the operation and functioning and helps in achieving the LEED goals. Environment, Social and Governance remain the central pillars of promoting sustainability. The ESG protocol helps in ensuring sustainable consumption, helping combat climate change and its impacts, driving progress on the sustainable development goals, reducing carbon footprint, integrating sustainability and renewable energy initiatives.

While maintaining these guidelines, Nucleus Office Parks ensures a safe, healthy environment-friendly workplace for the employees.