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Nucleus Office Parks is the operating platform for fully owned Blackstone Offices in India. We currently manage an industry leading portfolio of over 20 million square feet of Grade A commercial assets spread across all key markets. As an asset management platform, we are committed to differentiated tenant engagement, a transformational approach, and sustainable operations. With our proactive asset management philosophy, we want to create ‘buildings of choice’ which maximizes value for our customers and investments.

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About Nucleus

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NOP Vision

To be catalysts of growth, both for the businesses that occupy our assets and the communities we operate sustainably.


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To create ‘spaces that speak’ through innovation in design and technology.

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To forge long-lasting relationships with all stakeholders by building open communication channels.

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To focus on the safety and well-being of all our occupiers.

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To prioritize community well-being as a safe building block in all initiatives.



Transform With Nucleus

A technology takeover that turns the tables of success in your favour. The priority lies in the upgradation of every acquired asset. The commercial office space brand offers brilliant experiences that enable a better work-life balance. A commitment to ensuring services that add value for the tenants. The upgradation also ensures smooth functioning by preventing any possible disruption. With the power of proactivity, a business park can reach its full potential. The brand believes that transformation is the steppingstone towards establishing a cutting-edge business.
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Jyoti Grover

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Our Valuable Culture

Nucleus Office Parks consists of a team of talented, passionate and experienced professionals committed to redefining and transforming the current real estate paradigm.

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