Technologies that are changing the way buildings are made.


Technology drives the economy by reshaping real estate and enabling optimum growth. The new age construction technologies have changed the dynamics of the way buildings are made. An insight into the several emerging technologies will help understand the gravitas of development the real estate industry is set to experience in the years to come. 

The wonders of fiberbots, martial concrete, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, drones, etc. are revolutionizing the aspects of real estate. Technological construction of a building is driven by innovative ways. The material used in the construction is self-healing which entails that the water entering a crack reactivates the bacteria used in the mixing process. This technological marvel excretes calcite which helps in healing the damage. Doing so adds years to the building’s life and helps in cutting down the maintenance costs. 

The robotic swarm construction is yet another futuristic technology that helps in developing construction. The “swarm-bots” is a design based on how termites work. A large number of robots produce the material to build a design without central guidance but with maximum potential. Digital fabrication is a combination of 3D printing and 3D modelling. The method of layering material until the structure is ready is called digital fabrication. The process also involves subtractive manufacturing wherein the material is extracted from the construction block to achieve the desired result. Both the robotic and fabrication technologies enable the material to be produced onsite. 

Shape-shifting robotic cubes that can move in any direction are called hypercells. The cells have an inbuilt chip that helps sense the environment, eliminate obstacles and communicate with the other hypercells. The cells can transform spaces making them adaptable to the changing requirements. The marvel of hypercells has the potential to transform the future of construction.

These technologies result into the development of real estate. The advancing inventions have paved the way for futuristic growth and progress.